David P. Landon is a composer, performer, and maker who explores these roles as an author of a complex set of interactions, and enjoys blurring the roles of the individuals involved at all levels. In each echelon, Landon seeks to understand the human response to those interactions in regards to intellect, emotion, cognition, and physiology.

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The Consort of Myrtle

The Consort of Myrtle is a two movement acousmatic piece of music created entirely using concatenative synthesis, which utilized group and individual guided improvisations recorded during my 10 day residency at the ATLAS Institute in February of 2021.

Movement 1


Movement 2




dl.netsend~   //   dl.netreceive~

Open source Max/MSP externals for uncompressed, low latency, multi channel audio over the internet. Currently in Beta and only compiled for Max/MSP running on Windows. Additional information and the opportunity to collaborate can be found on GitHub.





Ongoing project! Visit the project page for details


A Veil of Tiny Points

for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano, percussion




Inexplicable Profusion

for saxophone and electronics
[evp_embed_video url=”https://davidplandon.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Inexplicable-profusion.mp4″ ratio=”0.75″]

Audio only (High Quality):


Material Evidence

for 22 musicians and electronics
View Score: Material Evidence



for piano trio, revised 2017
View Score: Palimp_sêstos

Prodigious Repository of Assembled Suns

for dancers and live electronics (max patch)
Performance at the Emerging Midwestern Collegiate Composers Conference in 2017

[evp_embed_video url=”https://davidplandon.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/PRoAS-EMCC-Performance.mp4″ ratio=”0.75″]


for fixed media


Generative Dysfunction

for Grand Marimba and Celesta



sound installation
SPUR San Francisco, November 11th, 2015 Sound and the City
View Narrative: Gathering

[evp_embed_video url=”http://s602471839.onlinehome.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/DavidLandon_GatheringDocumentation.mp4″ ratio=”0.75″]


for unsuspecting performers and cellphones
View Narrative: Encoded

Systems 0 438 100 088

for string quartet (arrangement for flute, violin, bass clarinet, and piano is available)
View Score: Systems 0 438 100 088


for piano trio, commissioned by the Elixir Piano Trio
View Score: Palimpsestos


With This, In Mind

for open ensemble (performance by California E.A.R. Unit, Eric KM Clark – violin _ Vicki Ray – piano)
View Score: With This, In Mind


Relatively Mankind

for modular synthesizer and visual media

As we gasp towards the infinite west

for trumpet in C, horn in F, violin, violoncello, piano, and electronics
View Score: As We Gasp Towards the Infinite West



for laptop ensemble,
Max/MSP patch available upon request.


on the young mind

for mezzo-soprano and narrator