David P. Landon is a composer, performer, and maker who explores these roles as an author of a complex set of interactions, and enjoys blurring the roles of the individuals involved at all levels. In each echelon, Landon seeks to understand the human response to those interactions in regards to intellect, emotion, cognition, and physiology.

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Artist Residencies

David P. Landon has had the immense privilege of attending a number of universities and obtaining a doctorate degree in music composition. Landon is passionate about working with and encouraging all students of music, especially those limited by opportunity or resources. If you are an educator or member of a community organization,  Please do not hesitate to reach out to schedule a lecture or workshop.

Current Focus

We all faced significant hurdles when COVID forced us to take our performances on-line. Even now, as concert halls are re-opened and audiences welcomed back in person, the impact of COVID resounds today and the move towards, at least partial, online presence of performances seems permanent. As artists, my collaborator (Chi Him Chik) and I chose to lean into these “problems” to see what sort of creative solutions could open doors to other performance opportunities. 

MaXaS has set out to encourage students to do just that: explore what is possible within a remote performance context that isn’t possible in traditional practices. We do this by visiting universities and providing lectures, workshops, and coaching that encourages students to blaze their own path and find their own voice within this rapidly emerging medium. Chi Him resides in Germany and thus “Zooms in” for lectures and performances while I visit in person.

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Residency Offerings:


  • One-on-one Composition Lessons
  • Group Composition Lessons
  • Programming Lessons (Max/MSP)
  • Improvisation Coaching
  • Computer Performance Coaching (Audio/Visuals)
  • Rehearsal Coaching: this is something we offer student ensembles that are working on one of our electroacoustic or acoustic pieces.


  • Networked audio
  • Improvisation
  • Handmade electronics


  • where the other end meets: concept and reflections
  • “Towards a Remote Performance Practice” (David)
  • “The Contemporary Saxophone” (Chi Him)


  • where the other end meets
  • student improvisation ensembles


Note: A typical residency is from 3 to 5 days and consists of a series of lectures and workshops culminating in an evening performance of student and MaXaS works. The works chosen for the performance should coincide with the coaching and workshops given by MaXaS. That is, if an improvisation workshop is given, the students that attended the workshop could improvise a performance at the concert.